Kuala Lumpur

KLCC Twin Tower

suria KLCC twin tower KLCC Twin Tower is Malaysia iconic building which design by Architecture Cesar Pelli and it officially opened by our fomer Prime Miniter Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad .The building total height which is 378.6m had been the world tallest building from 1998 to 2004.  The building is using as office by renowned company like Petronas , Microsoft , IBM and so on.The feet of the building which is operated by Suria KLCC which is a retail market feature by mostly high-street labels and foreign luxury goods. While there are few attaction inside the building which worth to pay for a visit – Advance science center , Philharmonic theater , underwater aquarium and art gallery.

Independence Square (Dataran Merdeka)
dataran merdeka
Merdeka Square or Independence square which is the venue for commemorating Sabah , Sarawak , Brunei join to Malaya and know as Malaysia. There is a flagpole standing right infront of the field where the flag hoisted with Jalur Gemilang (where name of the flag Malaysia) since 12:00pm 8 Aug 1957 ,which is also the world tallest flagpole caring the message that we are the diversity and freedom country.Besides, the building Sultan Abdul Samad where is one of the ‘must’ visit place recommand for traveler. It was several goverment department during  British colonial .The building also using as Federal courts in a period of time, however the court then shifted to the Palace of Justice located in Putrajaya, and now it is remain as a historical site for visit.

Batu Cave
batu cave
Batu Cave  is a temple where one of the famous hindu shrine outside of India. It was build in 1894-1897 which is dedicated to the Lord Murugan (the statue in the picture).One of the famous festival caring outhere is Thaipusam , it happen around end of January or early of February (kindly check in wikipedia or tamil calendar). Thaipusam is a major event where attracting thousand and thousand of people volunteer themself to take part for this event .This day you would be able to experience to see man with piercing their skin , tongue and cheeks with vel skewer  where the devotees believe this is one of the way for implore for help from god Murugan.

Masjid Jamek
masjid jamek
Masjid Jamek have a Moorish style of architecture and was  the same architect of building Sultan Abdul Samad. It is the oldest Mosque in Kuala Lumpur and  established since 1909. The combination of the curve and pattern in the Mosque bring out the special beauty where found no way else in the world.

National Museum
national museum
The National Museum is a museum located on Jalan Damansara in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The museum is situated in close proximity to the Perdana Lake Gardens and it provides an overview of Malaysian history and culture. Muzium Negara is a palatial structure built in the style of Rumah Gadang, an aspect of Minangkabau architecture. Its facade comprises elements of traditional Malay and modern features. Muzium Negara was opened on 31 August 1963, and it serves as a repository of Malaysia’s rich cultural and historical heritage. The museum houses four main galleries allotted to ethnology and natural history. The displays range from free-standing tableaux showing cultural events like weddings, festivals and costumes; to traditional weapons, musical instruments, arts and crafts, ceramics, and flora and fauna.

Putrajaya which name under Malaysia first prime minister ‘Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra’.The word ‘Putra’ mean prince ,while the word ‘jaya’ which mean success , when both of the word combine together will be sound as ‘Putrajaya’ – A Success Prince .Putrajaya is serving as the national hub of administration ,where it’s shifted from city center Kuala lumpur the plan is use to increase the efficiency and reduce the car congestion occur inside the city of Kuala Lumpur.Putrajaya officially use in year 1999 also known as Federal Administration centre as well, and become  third federal territory after Labuan (Sabah) and Kuala Lumpur(Selangor).We may found splendor of architectural design building and bridge inside this magnificent city,and mostly design by famous architect from malaysia as well as from oversea.All the building which is design with eco friendly concept and one of it have been won for the award of The Green and Energy Efficiency building in South East Asia.

Bukit Bintang
bukit bintang shopping
Bukit Bintang  is located in Kuala Lumpur Golden triangle , start from jalan raja Chulan until Jalan Pudu Road. Bukit Bintang is fill with plenty of shopping malls also the place carry for the most trendy fashon accessories and clothes. Besides,there is also the place to taste for Malaysian  food where you will totally agree that Malaysia would be one of the Food Paradise in your book of choice .Bukit Bintang can be known as the most happening and colourful spot in Malaysia, therefore advise don’t be miss out for this venue during your visit in Malaysia.