Malacca is found and develop by Sutan Parameswara .A King origin from Java island , and it’s name after Melaka tree (Pokok Melaka).It was the earliest Malay sultanates in 1400’s , but abolished by Portuguese  ,when they conquered Malacca in 1511.Malacca visit by one of the formidable admiral Zheng He , which praise Malacca was a great location for him to make a stop for his protraction drafting during the time.Malacca was govern before by Portuguese , Dutch , and British , therefore the place is full of story and cultural sense.

St Peter’s Church
st peter church malacca

St Peter’s Church is the oldest functioning Roman Catholic church in Malaysia. It was introduce by Portuguese and the land of the church itself is actually donates by Dutch gentleman Mary Franz Amboer. The architecture design is combination of western & eastern culture. However, in latter Malacca was conquered by Dutch and persecution of the Catholics in Malacca.  St Peter’s Church nowadays was hold varies traditional religious celebration.Besides, St Peter church around the world with prestigious statues because St Peter church is the mother church of many descendants of the Portuguese community through the past 300 years of its existence.

St. Francis Xavier Church
st francis malacca
It was build on 1856 in honour of Francis Xavier.It was still function as a catholic church .The church was believed to be modelled after the Cathedral of St. Peter in Southern France, Montpellier, which followed closely the older church’s original construction, except for a portico which was later added in 1963.Having been around for more than a century, the church’s structure now leans slightly to the left.

Christ Church
christ church malacca
Christ church is the oldest functioning protestant church in Malaysia.The lower central Archodeaconry of the Anglican Diocese of West Malaysia. Christ church is also the oldest surviving Dutch church building find outside the Netherlands and sunday services are still held in this church. Queen Elizabeth 2 visited the Malacca and prayed at christ church with the royal party.

Fort A Famosa
fort A Famosa
A Famosa is the oldest surviving European architectural remain in Asia. The Porta de Santiago ,  a small gate house only remaining part of the fortress today.While the others part which destroy by the war and also erosion.

Queen Victoria Fountain of Malacca
queen Victoria fountain
The Queen Victoria fountain was built in 1904 by the British to commemorate to Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee. It was made by English marble  and this is also the oldest functioning colonial water fountain in Malaysia.The location of this fountain is just beside Christ Church and also indicate the glorious days of the British people in Malaysia.

A Famosa Theme Park
a famosa resort
A Famosa theme park is just locate in Simpan Empat , Alor Gajah Melaka. The highlight in A famosa would be the cow boy town which they have the cow boy night parade where you may enjoy the firework and also all the beautiful creature parade along the night street.